Adam Sienkiewicz

General Manager

Adam joined Total Form Fitness in 2007 and currently serves as Manager of the gym. Originally from Poland, Adam was a nationally renowned Judo player. As a junior, Adam won bronze and silver medals at the Judo National Championships. Adam's success continued as an adult when he won bronze and silver medals at Poland's National Judo Championships. Upon coming to America in 2005, Adam earned his certification to become a personal fitness instructor. Soon after gaining his certification, Adam proceeded in his studies of physical fitness and worked to gain a certification as a Golf Fitness Instructor from Titleist Performance Institute (TPI). Adam's thirst for knowledge and passion for work is part of what makes him a valuable member of the Total Form Fitness team. He is enthusiastic, energetic, and works to help clients reach their physical fitness potential all while having fun. 

David Gerena

David Gerena is a Westchester native, originally from the inner city, currently residing in Harrison NY. Gerena’s athletic career and journey began fairly early - from grade school up until now,  participating in many sports. His main love has been Basketball, Football and Boxing which has lead him to learn about strength and conditioning to be a better athlete in High School. He learned so much throughout his own career path and after battling some major injuries, he had to work closely with an athletic trainer that eventually became his role model and got David motivated to go into the athletic trainer field. David continued his passion for fitness; becoming a Physical Therapist Aide where he got the opportunity to learn things from a new perspective. David extensive physical training background makes him a great addition to our TFF family.

David Gerena

Michael Julian Mercier

Michael Julian Mercier, born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts relocated to Yonkers, New York in 2020. Michael has been an athlete all his life, played  multiple sports; basketball, football, soccer, swimming, lacrosse, baseball and many others. However, basketball out of all of the sports, has been the one he loved to play competitively. Michael started weight training in 2019, just to become stronger and look good and soon enough fell in love with Crossfit, which lead to his passion to become a personal trainer. His love for all types of training such as Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Endurance Training, direct his life to become a fitness instructor. He is a youthful, energetic and always ready to learn and go above and beyond. He is a great addition to our TFF family.

Alex trainer 2

Alex Chuni

Alex Chuni, a native of Ossining, NY, grew up in Westchester County. His interest in fitness blossomed in 2018 when he began playing multiple sports lacrosse, Swimming, soccer and track/field. His Love and passion took and then took on weight training shortly after. This newfound passion propelled him towards higher education, and in 2019, he embarked on his college journey. In May 2023, Alex achieved a significant milestone by graduating from SUNY Plattsburgh with a bachelor's degree in Fitness and Wellness/Leadership. Throughout his college years, Alex consistently sought out challenges in the realm of fitness. He embraced powerlifting, bodybuilding, and successfully shed more than 30 pounds. Additionally, he developed a deep affinity for calisthenics. As a young man driven to expand his knowledge and exceed his limits, Alex is determined to push beyond his current capabilities. Given his dedication and aspirations, he is a valuable addition to our TFF family.